São Carlos, Brazil
Always learning
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charlie borg

burnley, United Kingdom
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Istanbul, Turkey
Learn is bliss
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ramon riki

CAD, FEA, CAM, weapon design
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Chonburi, Thailand
Freelance Designer
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Mohammed Ismail

Ramanathapuram, India
Design is my Passion, Engineering is my Profession.
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Damo Petty

Adelaide, Australia
Get to work and get it done.
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Michel Gutierrez

Algeciras, Spain
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Mark Bruton

Singapore, Singapore
A Difficult Job is a bunch of simple tasks done in the proper sequence
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tsvetan milenkov

Sofia, Bulgaria
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dhananjay rehere

Shrirampur, India
anything is possible for me
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Juan Arroyave

Medellín, Colombia
U-Bike Design
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