Cristian Chilano

Cristian Chilano
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Ali Nasser

Cairo , Egypt
Design & production Mechanical Engineer
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cario, Egypt
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assiut, Egypt
Happines is not the absence of problems, It is the ability to deal with them.
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Alex pardo

Buenos Aires , Argentina
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Perro tornero

Córdoba, Argentina
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Mahmoud saad Mohamed

ismailia, Egypt
It's never too late to start .
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Ezequiel Montemartini

Córdoba , Argentina
DI + ( 9 351 2288510)
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Giza, Egypt
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Ahmad Farw

S e n i o r M e c h a n i c a l D r a f t s m a n
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Diego Prieto

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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haziel semino

la paz , cordoba, Argentina
no te apoyaras en los errores de los demas para sentirte mejor con vos mismo
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