Aachen, Germany
Renewable energy can solve all human problems.
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Jan Lühr

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Detlef Schmidt

Berlin, Germany
every real problem is a new learning task: you can always win
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Johar Palacita

Bandung, Indonesia
Palacita Concepts
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Ridwan Septyawan

Surabaya, Indonesia
One Future Solution
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arifin sutur

bali, Indonesia
Product Design
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Felix Piela

Berlin, Germany
hardware and mechanics enthousiast, co-founder of Konstruktiv, offering product development and prototyping as a service
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Wesel, Germany
Geostars 3D Printing and Pouring
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Dimas IND

Demak, Indonesia
Hello , Iam a Mechanical Enginer from Indonesia (
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Pietro 46

Konstruktion & Designer
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Romy Rizky

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Kassel, Germany
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