Steen Winther

Sydney, Australia
36472 downloads but no badge...?
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Urban Calamari

Inspiring students to be creative in the 21 Century.
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Sydney, Australia
Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back into the same box
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Tobias Feger

Sydney, Australia
Your project! Get it done before it gets you ready.
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jorge alberto gutierrez canales

Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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Alex Wallis

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Rob Patterson

Melbourne, Williamstown, Australia
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Garret Krampe

SYDNEY, Australia
Inventive Processes are here . From Line Automation to Solving age old problems with products.
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Darryl W

Specialist robotics and small machine design
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Tim Lucas

Perth, Australia
Remote Sense, Immersive Robotics Pty Ltd
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Peter Blake

Shepparton, Australia
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Kae Woei Lim

Melbourne, Australia
XYZ Workshop
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