Engineer mechanics and electronics

Kiev, Ukraine
Design work in the field of mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, automation, electronics.Manufacture of prototypes.
Followers: 2 Models: 40


Kharkiv, Ukraine
Followers: 625 Models: 223

IMT Javier Olvera

leon, Mexico
Followers: 84 Models: 37

Sergei Kravets

Dnipro, Ukraine
Кравец Сергей
Followers: 36 Models: 59

Тарас Бойко

Followers: 13 Models: 70

Daniil Grigoriev

Kharkiv, Ukraine
Followers: 11 Models: 13


Kharkov, Ukraine
Roman Protasov
Followers: 144 Models: 25


Khmelnitsky, Ukraine
To make the world more beautiful
Followers: 69 Models: 120

jesus chavez

Chihuahua, Mexico
¨The pacience is sour but their fruits are sweets¨ Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Followers: 76 Models: 120


Querétaro, Mexico
Followers: 193 Models: 138

Valera Kavani

Kiev, Ukraine
Followers: 16 Models: 20

Elthon Rivas

Ciudad de México, Mexico
Industrial Engineer
Followers: 16 Models: 10