Denver, Colorado, United States
Senior Designer
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Andy Williams

Tracy, Clifornia, United States
Sleep is overrated!
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Ben Casto

Charlottesville, VA, United States
Microelectronics Technician
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Orange County, United States
Unlimited Imagination
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Rob G

Boston, United States
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Vilas Boas

Santo Tirso, Portugal
need something? send me email!
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Porto, Portugal
Design is intelligent problem solving (Sir James Dyson)
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Daniel Powell

Fort Collins, United States
Programmer, Component Engineer, self-taught FreeCAD
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United States
"We'll grease it later"
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Jezeer Shabry

Doha, Qatar
if anyone need any type of 3D or 3D Models or Any type of questions related to 3D Applications then feel free to ask me.
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Naples, United States
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