Andy Williams

Tracy, Clifornia, United States
Sleep is overrated!
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Ben Casto

Charlottesville, VA, United States
Microelectronics Technician
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Orange County, United States
Unlimited Imagination
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Denver, Colorado, United States
Senior Designer
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Naples, United States
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Randy Kolb

San Antonio, TX, United States
Integrity is doing what you're supposed to do even when noone is looking. More uploads coming soon.
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Ryan Priddy

Huntsville, AL, United States
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Louis Hearn

The Woodlands, United States
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Porto, Portugal
Design is intelligent problem solving (Sir James Dyson)
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Shane Naughton

Bozeman, United States
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Tom Mason

United States
Old hippie potter from the late 50's, maybe even a "beatnik"
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Robert Kuchta

Los Angeles, United States
Design Engineering Since 1976
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