Dan Henriksen

Followers: 2 Models: 6

Frank Garshol

Oslo, Norway
Followers: 13 Models: 40

Hugo Sánchez-Ortiz

Cartago, Costa Rica
Mechatronics Engineer with experience in Prototyping, product design and simulation. I am always playing.
Followers: 5 Models: 7

Lewi Uberg

Arendal, Norway
Geek of all trades :)
Followers: 14 Models: 17

Marko Y

Turku, Finland
Followers: 6 Models: 9

Mikko Ahola

Helsinki, Finland
Mechanical engineer working in the industry on product design and quality control tasks
Followers: 7 Models: 3

Ove Nicolai Dalheim

Followers: 10 Models: 1

Aki Alanen

Kuopio, Finland
Followers: 0 Models: 0

Tore Lysebo

Oslo, Norway
Design Engineer
Followers: 7 Models: 13

Sami Kallamäki

Followers: 6 Models: 15

Janne Vesala

Oulu, Finland
I.D. with a knack for M.E.
Followers: 3 Models: 2


Followers: 0 Models: 0