Trifon-Ioannis Lampropoulos (Τρύφων - Ιωάννης Λαμπρόπουλος)

Athens, Attiki, Greece
The hellenic way of engineering: "αιέν αριστεύειν και υπείροχον έμμεναι άλλων"
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Oslo, Norway
In it for the fun of it, love to tinker and make better products.
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Chris Tziros

thessaloniki-kozani, Greece
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Alexander Papadopoulos

All your gear are belong to us.
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Porto, Portugal
Design is intelligent problem solving (Sir James Dyson)
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Bachelor degree in engineering and industrial management. fascinated about CAD, additive processes, industry and much more
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Esteban Martínez

Costa Rica
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David Soares

Portugal, Portugal
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Vasileios Thalassinos

Athens, Greece
Sky is not the limit!
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Volos, Greece
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Kalle K

Turku, Finland
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Eduardo Marques

Vale de Cambra, Portugal
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