Ahmed ElPrince

Cairo, Egypt
Mechanical Production & Design Engineer
Followers: 1133 Models: 90

Sérgio Gomes

Joinville, Brazil
May the force be with us
Followers: 531 Models: 205


NEW YORK, United States
Inventor / Industrial Designer / Electronic Development / Software Development / Mechanical Engineer and designer /
Followers: 136 Models: 11

Nemanja Petkov

Slavonski Brod, Croatia
by Nemanja Petkov - It all started with the big bang !
Followers: 2902 Models: 460


United States
Having fun to post my models here.....
Followers: 34 Models: 17

Xgentec Jason

Norwich, United Kingdom
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Las Vegas, United States
I Like to Experiment and Share the Results
Followers: 1281 Models: 169

Bayu P

Batu-Malang, Ngandad-lor district, Indonesia
I am an ordinary people that very interesting with design.
Followers: 23 Models: 41

shane hooper

Conroe, United States
Machine Shop
Followers: 21 Models: 2

Abbaas Mehdi Zaidi

Hyderabad, India
Mechanical design engineer
Followers: 18 Models: 9


Design Consultant
Followers: 15 Models: 15

Abdessattar dabbous

lafayette, Tunisia
ingenieur electromecanique
Followers: 20 Models: 11