Kulunu Geesara

Sri Lanka
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Ilmy I

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Life is something that you should enjoy in a good way making no harm to others.
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hoho(Jaja) hehe

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn (By, J.C. Dana) I love learning CAD software
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Salitha Mihiranga

Sri Lanka
Make the world simple
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Sherwin Perez

Cabuyao, Philippines
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Kalvin Glenn Saul

Caloocan , Philippines
I do simple 2D and 3D design and i love to render cars.
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Patrick Martinez

Pasay, Philippines
Don't try to find a reason for somebody's love
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Rashiga Walallawita

Sri Lanka
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Sameera Liyanage

Sri Lanka
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mohamed khan

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Freelance Designer
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2D and 3D Design Drafter
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Manuelito A. Taniegra

3d Design....CAD/CAM.....
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