United States
A Packaging Designer by trade, interested in all things CAD.
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greenwich, United States
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Aabd Srj

United States
Industrial Engineering pioneer.
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Rustom Jehangir

United States
Founder and Engineer at Blue Robotics!
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Santa Floss

SoCal, United States
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Randall E.

United States
A designer for over 20 years
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Jonathan Kayne

Asheville, United States
"Needs more Zipties" - Me
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Tommy Mueller

Portland, Oregon, United States
I don't know what thew question is... but the answer is robots!
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JP Johnston

Fort Wayne, IN, United States
ME CSWP 918.849.4494
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Kevin Yu

China, United States
Tell me a story.
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Shawn Gray (CadMan)

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Mechanical Designer
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Joshua VanName

United States
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