Mateusz Zelek

Cracow, Poland
Followers: 186 Models: 9

Tamas Cserto

Followers: 2005 Models: 182


Skopje, Macedonia
Followers: 1149 Models: 273

Luis Arias 3D CAD

Machine Design | Steel Structures | Static Analysis | SolidWorks | AutoCAD | SketchUp
Followers: 4066 Models: 256


Chonburi, Thailand
Naval Architect & Marine Engineer
Followers: 1299 Models: 61

Esteban Valencia R.

Diseñador, Modelador de Recipientes a presión, tubería y estructuras
Followers: 97 Models: 38

Heriberto Maruzza

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Followers: 1872 Models: 332

James Martin Adhikary (Founder of CADSON)

Dhaka, Bangladesh
Solidworks,3D Design, Gear Design in Solidworks, 3D Modeling,Inventor Design, Mudbox Sculpting, James Martin Adhikary
Followers: 547 Models: 66

Matheus Frasson

Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, SP, Brazil
Followers: 856 Models: 73

Jorge H.

Orange County, United States
Engineers are from Mars and Designers are from Venus, Find the balance and Be both in the Earth is my Goal !!!
Followers: 11 Models: 36

Diogo Carrara

itapira, Brazil
Mechanic projectist
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Winston Jennings

It's not a problem, it's a challenge!!!
Followers: 832 Models: 279