Nguyen Nhu Tuan

Hanoi, Viet Nam
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Andrei Rochian

Bordeaux, France
Andrei Rochian designed about 10 motor and sail yachts for companies in USA, China, South Korea, Europe and has built the first high quality custom yachts and boats in Bucharest Romania .
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Anirudh Bhalekar

Gurgaon , India
Engineering is Magic
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Shafier Khan

I am a mechanical engineer. From bangladesh.
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Humeniuk Ihor

Kyiv, Ukraine
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United States
A Packaging Designer by trade, interested in all things CAD.
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Ed Frazier

New Mexico, United States
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Guilherme de Oliveira

Cornélio Procópio , Brazil
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Rakibul Islam Prince

Chittagong, Bangladesh
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DL2DW - Dirk Wouters

Jülich, Germany
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Darren Lee

United Kingdom
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