Ahmed ElPrince

Cairo, Egypt
Mechanical Production & Design Engineer
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trinityscsp (Juarez)

São Carlos, Brazil
Always learning
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Hans de Ridder

Grijpskerke, Netherlands
We are all alone, in the dream of the night
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Karajko CAD

Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Mike geesser

Vitoria, Brazil
Hey, I got to have fun...
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Slavonski Brod, Croatia
Homer Simpson: I am usually not a praying man, but if you are up there, please, save me, Superman!
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Eindhoven, Netherlands
Thomas Edison (1847-1931): " I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. " ;)
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Roland Schneider

Kelkheim a. Ts., Germany
Do as you would be done.
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Sutus Klomkleaw

Hi Everybody, I will chare my concept mechanisms for you .Enjoy
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Özcan Özaltın

Adana/Ceyhan, Turkey
Mechatronic Engineer.
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Las Vegas, United States
I Like to Experiment and Share the Results
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Carlos Soler

Santa Fe, Argentina
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