Mateusz Zelek

Cracow, Poland
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Yağmur Medya - İsmail Ayvaz YANAR

Konya, Turkey
3d design, modeling and animation works. I'm a straight forward person man. I care about the results and i like everything crystal clear.
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max morozov

engineer, reverse-engineer, designer, 3D-artist
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Tara Kant

Muzaffarpur, Bihar, India
Done Bachelors of Engineering in Mechanical engineering from LNCT&S, Bhopal. Currently perusing MS in Computational Mechanics Engineering from Duisburg Essen University, Germany. Done ORDP in Electrical Engg from Stanford (SCPD -Online) University
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Belgrade, Serbia
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Zachary Herring

Pittsburgh, United States
Trying to learn as much as I can.
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Brandon Norris

Key West, United States
I am a self taught engineering, CAD/CAM and FDM enthusiast.
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Kevin Yu

Illinois, United States
Tell me a story
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Nelson Stoldt

United States
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Luis Arias 3D CAD

Machine Design | Reverse Engineering | SolidWorks | SketchUp
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Hi Everybody, I will chare my concept mechanisms for you .Enjoy
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orléans, France
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