charlie borg

burnley, United Kingdom
3D printing, Aerospace, Agriculture, Architecture, Automotive, Aviation, Components, Computer, Electrical, Energy and Power, Fixtures, Furniture, Hobby, Household, Industrial design, Interior design, Just for fun, Machine design, Marine, Medical, Military, Miscellaneous, Nature, Piping, Robotics, Speedrun, Sport, Tech, Tools
Score: 31778 Followers: 924
90 models
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NIka Alavidze

3D printing, Architecture, Educational, Electrical, Energy and Power, Industrial design, Interior design, Jewellery
Score: 1398 Followers: 18
33 models
0 tutorials
0 answers

Vlad Syrkin

Khabarovsk, Russian Federation
Components, Construction, Educational, Energy and Power, Hobby, Industrial design, Machine design, Piping, Toys
Score: 23008 Followers: 180
114 models
0 tutorials
1 answers

Andry Rodríguez Pérez

Cienfuegos, Cuba
Automotive, Educational, Fixtures, Furniture, Industrial design, Interior design, Piping
Score: 69523 Followers: 794
387 models
57 tutorials
1 answers


Eindhoven, Netherlands
3D printing, Components, Computer, Construction, Electrical, Energy and Power, Furniture, Hobby, Industrial design, Just for fun, Miscellaneous, Tech, Tools
Score: 101618 Followers: 875
363 models
0 tutorials
4 answers

Steen Winther

Sydney, Australia
Educational, Hobby, Industrial design, Machine design, Military, Miscellaneous, Tools, Toys
Score: 68653 Followers: 1044
171 models
5 tutorials
51 answers

Heriberto Maruzza

Buenos Aires, Argentina
3D printing, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Industrial design, Machine design, Medical, Miscellaneous, Sport, Tools
Score: 121188 Followers: 1169
345 models
0 tutorials
22 answers

nooryasmah. sam

Furniture, Industrial design, Interior design
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8 models
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Leo Pushparaj

3D printing, Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Aviation, Components, Educational, Industrial design, Interior design, Machine design
Score: 818 Followers: 4
108 models
7 tutorials
0 answers

Aitor Amigo

Valencia, Spain
3D printing, Automotive, Components, Computer, Industrial design, Tech
Score: 25135 Followers: 315
105 models
0 tutorials
2 answers


Ancona, Italy
Score: 5128 Followers: 41
107 models
9 tutorials
22 answers

megumi hattori

TOKYO, Japan
Furniture, Hobby, Household, Industrial design, Interior design, Just for fun, Toys
Score: 4823 Followers: 82
35 models
0 tutorials
0 answers