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To whom it may concern, My name is Eugene. I have been working on and developing refrigerating machines and chiller machines and also pumping stations for over 10 years. During my work I have been running into a problem of not having 3D models of necessary components for the development of the construction design documentation. During the many years of work there was collected a great database of contacts of the employees from different companies, who helped me with that problem in the past, and still continue to help:) Now I consider important to help all those, who found themselves in the same situation as I did at the beginning of my career. There is a colossal database of the components for the development of refrigeration machines on any level of difficulty. If you haven’t found the model that you’re looking for, please message me. Perhaps, the next model I upload will be the one you’re missing. Most of the models are configured. That means I redraw the schemes of the models I get from the manufacturing company, so that there is the whole line of offered models in one file. I’m always ready for new partnerships. Thank you for reading my message. If you like my models, don’t forget to put ‘Like’:)


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Intel i7 5820k, 64gb RAM,2xQuadro M4000
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