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ENWAR has been on the market for over 20 years and is still developing and improving its products. We are oriented towards customers who are looking for comprehensive solutions which enhance manufacturing and logistics processes as well as a partner in solving current problems connected with efficient and safe plant operation. We have wide experience and provide a high level of service thanks to our cooperation with Electrolux Poland, Colgate Palmolive, AAM, SKANSKA, Budimex are the companies which valued us. ENWAR is here to solve your problems. We realize that each and every customer has their own individual problems and issues. Each customer is provided continuous with a team of experienced consultants as well as a project supervisor. The supervisor provides instant access to information and participates actively in the fulfillment of the project. WWW.ENWAR.PL Dear fellow designers, Due to increasing number of projects, we are looking for engineering minds who will be able to provide us with 2D manufacturing documentation made using 3D models created by our local designers. We provide: 1. Complete, final 3D model, Solidworks 2014 native, or / and STEP, or any other export we can generate in SW2014. 2. Description of operation and purpose of every project. 3. Training and support at every stage of cooperation. 4. Payment for your work. 5. Opportunity to gain design and engineering experiance. We expect: 1. Commitment and willingness to cooperate 2. Communicative WRITTEN ENGLISH. 3. Access to CAD software allowing you to make 2D documentation out of 3D models. 4. Some experiance in 3D to 2D 5. Access to internet We do not care about: 1. Your nationality 2. Your gender 3. Your college degree / status 4. Experiance If you are interested or have any questions please contact us at: Best regards, ENWAR Team


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