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work experience

Ohio State University Undergraduate Researcher May 2013 - August 2013

Materials developed in our research group are as applied as sensors, actuators, energy conversion and storage materials (batteries, super capacitors and fuel cells), self-healing structures and biomedical devices. Our research explores multi-domain interactions in polymers, biomolecules and smart materials at the nanometer and micron scale and lead to the development of multi-material constructs integrated at their fundamental scales of interaction. The material systems thus formed are referred to as an ‘Integrated Material System’ and has novel properties and unique application as self-sensing actuators, autonomous self-healing materials, bimolecular systems and self-powered devices. Various research projects in this lab can be classified under the following themes; Electronic Smart Materials, Ionic Smart Materials, Mechatronic systems.



Purdue University Bachelor of Science, Computer Graphics Technology 2012 - 2016



Workstation specs: Lenovo W530 Windows 8 64-bit Intel Quad Core i7-3720QM (2.60GHz) 16.00 GB RAM NVIDIA Quadro K1000M (2GB) Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet (PTZ430) 2nd Monitor 17in Dell (E176FP)
Honors and awards:

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