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fernando CS


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work experience

May 2013 - August 2016

I currently work in a Mexican company dedicated to deep foundation, which has left me very good experiences in the field of mechanical design, as many pieces to be specialized machinery such as hydraulic drills and structural crawler cranes parts they are difficult to get it so you need to make them in a lathe, for which the work begins from taking measures to subsequently pass them on to the flat part and take them to manufacture, so also send drawings to any part of the country where they are working the machines. It has been a good challenge as well as a satisfaction to participate with my knowledge of the automotive industry to create new tools in the construction industry.



Universidad Politecnica de Pachuca Engineer, Automotive Engineer 2009 - 2013

The Automotive Engineering comprises three areas: maintenance, technology development and manufacturing, where maintenance programs are developed, monitored human, technological and material resources designed components or mechanical systems, evaluates innovative technologies in alternative energy, documents features and parameters the manufacture of components and develops manufacturing processes for the automotive industry.



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