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I am primarily a machinist, predominately of a machining center (mill) bent - but also have experience with turning, manual machining, cylindrical surface and 5 axis grinding , etc. I have been programming with Gibbscam for quite sometime now and consider myself a 'power user' and have also been working with solidworks for quite a few years.


work experience

Mazak Corporation Applications Engineer

I get to have all the fun! I work in Mazak's National Technology Center in Florence KY, which is Mazak's national headquarters. The equipment in the Tech Center changes from week to week, and ranges from 2&3 axis mills and lathes, to fully custom and extremely complex Integrex eMachines, and more.



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Dell precision Q6600 Gibbscam V10.3.10 SW2011 Cimco V6
Honors and awards:

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