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Gavin Bath

CAD, PDM, Coffee Science, Drones


Gavin is currently employed by NZ’s largest Autodesk reseller in a split role between technical support/consulting and software development, usually in the form of customisation for Autodesk Products. His focus is primarily Autodesk Inventor and Vault. Before becoming a Technical Consultant, he spent about 10 years using Inventor and Vault as a mechanical designer. Gavin has worked in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Consumer Products, and materials handling equipment for everything from logging/mining to food. In these areas he has designed machinery, equipment and products involving a huge variety of materials and manufacturing processes. Gavin places utmost emphasis on manufacturability in the design work he does, as a result of having always worked very closely with the manufacturing environment. This has taught him to adapt and calibrate his digital-prototyping tools to give real-world results.


work experience

CADPRO Systems Manufacturing Technical Specialist April 2011 -



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: HP Elitebook 8570W, Quadro K2000M, 16GB RAM, 3DConnexion Spacepilot Pro
Honors and awards: Autodesk Inventor 2013 Certified Professional
Interests: Espresso, UAVs, CNC, motorbikes

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