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Geoff Daly

The modern day Isambard Brunel type engineer who thinks outside the box always, nothings impossible if you can think it


Old line engineer who apprenticed in the aerospace industry as a co-op diptech for 7 years in the mid 60's. Learnt the hard way and never regreted doing an apprenticeship and going to school. As a side line went sports-car racing and continued till 8 years ago. Love to try all sorts of ideas; as one of my mentors when an apprentice (Barnes Wallis 0f the bouncing bomb school) said; "if you can think about an idea of building something. You may not be able to do it today, so never give up as it will become feasible down the road" and "there is no such word as CAN'T, as it is made up of "can" do but maybe "not" now so keep on trying" that is a mantra which we should all strive for. "Continually think outside the box as nothing is impossible". When I graduated I went into Coutaulds World Engineering grp as a corporate process improvement engineer and have been in the process side of the mixing and equipment design/building industry since.


work experience

DeccaRadar/RollsRoyce/Vickers-CourtauldsEngineeringGrp to MKDUSA LLC Apprentice to grp engineering to Principal July 1964 - January 2015

40 plus years in the engineering field with years of hands on experience ("neve ask anyone to do something you cannot do and you are never to old to learn a skill) have designed and built small to multi-million dollar systems all over the world and US. Proud to have been part of the Space Shuttle program on the solid booster rocket assy's and several other programs. Still very involved in the Pharma and Personal Health Care industries in design/constrution of whole systems.



U of London-Kingston Polytech Engineering annex Diplomas-Electro/Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Apprenticeship, Electro/Mechanical Engineering Aerospace/2nd in Industrial Enginnering 1964 - 1971

Full blown 7 year indentured apprenticeship and co-oped via U of London in an "all hands on" aspects of engineering in an aerospace environment with office/management experience including drafting/design/metal fabrication and assembly of final components. Hands on Isambard Brunel engineer who never gives up and always tries



Workstation specs: Elitebook 8760W with 64 bit W7 OS, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA 3000M 2 GB, Intel i7-2620 at 2.7 Ghz and two 500 GB drives, plus two 23" monitors.
Honors and awards: I let my peers decide how they see me in this area of life
Interests: anything engineerable and useful/fun

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