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Georges Sarkis



I started my journey with photoshop and video rendering softwares such as Adobe After effects when I was in highschool. My friends and I enjoyed making funny, sad, or horror videos and uploading them on youtube. I traveled from Lebanon to Canada for studying mechanical engineering. In university I discovered that I am into drafting and modeling. I worked with many great companies and expanded my knowledge especially in Solidworks & Autocad. I spent many hours learning those two softwares professionally. I wish to become more talented and invest more time in learning other softwares.


work experience

Michelin Tires Mechanical Engineering Intern September 2015 - December 2015

⚙ Earned a reputation as a talented designer that shows initiative by being organized, inspired, and resourceful. ⚙ Developed excellent welding, fabrication, and machine shop skills that evolved my drafting abilities. ⚙ Created numerous models and 2D engineering drawings using Solidworks and AutoCad which endorsed me to participate in the management and the installation process. ⚙ Designed pinch guards, guardrails, handrails, guard panels, bullet proof door-guards, and other safeguarding technologies, which required the selection of optimal materials and creation of finite element analysis studies. ⚙ Dealt with ISO welding symbols, metric surface finishes, ordinate/positional dimensioning, and Michelin paint standards, to create a part from scratch or to reverse engineer a prototype model. ⚙ Worked with ball bearings, needle bearings, tampered bearings, shafts, housings, pulleys, and gearboxes which required problem solving and adequate tolerances.

The Mosaic Company Process Engineering Intern May 2016 - September 2016

⚒ Created a double bleed low pressure pump model that was used to train the inflow system to the operators. ⚒ Developed communication and hand drawing skills that allowed me to elaborate and express my ideas. ⚒ Simulated and calculated bulging and deflection on multiple hoppers that were later fabricated and installed. ⚒ Performed many inspections: this includes replacing all inspection doors with heavy duty martin doors, examining scrappers on conveyor belts, and examining product samples at the lab for quality control. ⚒ Designed with certain criteria which required specific needs and types of flanges, pipes, bushings, bungs, nozzles, material, paint, and bottle jacks. ⚒ Worked with different software such as Pi Processbook, Maximo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD Mechanical, Adept, and Excel.

Michelin Tires Mechanical Engineering Intern January 2017 - September 2017

✇ Worked with Cognex cameras to monitor and record rubber width and trace to fix an issue which could lead to fatigue in the bead area of the tire. ✇ Gained leading skills from presenting quality reports, tire scraps, and tire repairs to operators on a daily basis. ✇ Performed multiple quality tests to improve tire designs. ✇ Fixed multiple tire building machines to run on quality specifications: this includes moving guides, locking down machines, investigating a problem which could cause blisters in the tire, and etc. ✇ Worked with PLC controls to change speeds, accelerations, cycle time, and process for the different quadrants of the tire building machines. “Specialized in rolling down the threads of the tire on the cover”



Dalhousie University Diploma, Engineering 2013 - 2015

Dalhousie University Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering 2015 - 2018



Workstation specs: 2 Laptops, 4 core processor. Nothing Fancy
Honors and awards: ✎ Design I: Gained first place for designing a 3D model of a retractable and adjustable basketball net and the model was presented the following year to freshmen students in their design class ✎ Mechanics of materials: 3D printed a C-beam and was the only model that had a deflection of the required distance of exactly 1.2 mm ✎ Thermodynamics: Designed and created a heat exchanger that earned the title of most efficient among other projects ✎ History: Created different functional prototypes of an escalator using nothing but wooden ice cream sticks and a 5V-DC 2 gear motor, one of our Lego models was donated to the department after the final presentaiton All the achievements were done as a joint effort of every teammate
Interests: Soccer, woodworking, swimming, and hiking

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