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Hadi Babaei

Mechanical Engineer


My name is Hadi Babaei, 28 years of age, Born on December 10, 1988. I've been living in Tabriz, Iran, all of my life. Photoshop was the first software that I've learned when I was 13, a few days after learning the basic functions of Photoshop, I completed my first design, and gave it to my friends, When I told them it was my first attempt at designing a cover, they were blown away. From there, I started to design other covers and flyers for local businesses, and Photoshop became my tool of the trade. Check out my PS works here: Upon entering the university, I started industrial design. The lack of Copyright for software in Iran and my proficiency in English language, boosted me up in learning of many many CAD and analysis software. I'm currently freelance for individual projects and I also design as a hobby in my spare time. If you have ideas about my works, please contact me: Telegram:@ha_di88 Thank you so much!


work experience


After many years of searching and thinking, I now believe that selfemployment is the only way to have a right livelihood. As an employee, you must follow administrator's rules, even when you think they are terrible, there is always an element of humiliation, always a whiff of command and control over you. As a person, who's Self-employed, you simply must be your own boss or you will never be able to live according to your own principles.



Zanjan University BSc, Mechanical Engineering 2008 - 2012

IAUT MSc, Energy Conversion 2012 - 2014

IAUT PhD, Energy Conversion 2017 -



Workstation specs: HP Pavilion 15-p022ne
Honors and awards:
Interests: Movies, Design, Music

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