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CONTRIBUTIONS/DONATIONS: PayPal: BitCoin: 1E8cdDv6gEUGyqeWjA1GARxdxpVucQt2p4 Currently, we are a very small start up. This is a three person team. Jack, the designer, works as an engineering associate. He is currently attending night classes toward a degree, and by day working in the engineering office of a tool and mold making manufacturer. He went to trade school for machining, but gravitated toward the computer end of things shortly after graduating. Austin, the machinist, currently works with CNC machines. He is progressing his knowledge and skill set in the industry and is interested in learned and honing his skill in design work. Karis, a full-time physical therapy student, finds this process and the technology involved very interesting, and from an artist's perspective, she brings innovative ideas to the way things can be approached. Together the team is building up their at-home technology to improve design and turn-around speed. 3D printer is setup, running strong with availability. Printing services will be a main focus, while printing custom parts for larger projects. The team looks to a future found helping customers create their dreams. Please send inquiries to


work experience

CNC Machinist November 2015 - December 2027

Engineering Associate November 2016 - December 2027



Polaris Career Center Precision Machine Technologies 2015 - 2016

Lorain County Community College Associates of Applied Sciences, CAD / CAM Design 2016 - 2018



Workstation specs: Workstation 1 (MAIN): Custom Build Intel i7-7770k- OC 4.8GHz Quadro P4000 32gb RAM Windows 10 Pro Workstation 2 (MOBILE): Early 2015 MacBook Pro Intel i5 Iris Pro 8gb RAM Windows 10 Pro (BootCamp) Workstation 3 (MOBILE): HP Pavilion Intel i7 6700k nVidia 940mx 12gb RAM Windows 10 Pro
Honors and awards:

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