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I hope I can exchange all ideas and everyone here


I came from a remote village, from the farm to work part-time to university. Because the love of aviation, aircraft manufacturing professional university learning. Inadvertently found this site very glad to see the friends from all over the world all kinds of strange ideas, I often forgot to eat. You are my teacher Hai


work experience

I since 1998 worked in food processing. Stone coal building Make a pla sichuan January 2005 - December 2024

I since 1998 worked in food processing. Stone coal building prefabricated steel, machinery factory, electronics factory, stall, selling barbecue, the last 05 years from the beginning of an aircraft. You see Is it right? Fun? I am currently located in Sichuan, this place is not good Feng shui. More in the pit China archaism cloud ", the urn Qiankun" is because two thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese an outstanding commander Zhu Geliang in order to unify the Chinese, Sichuan Based on six Qishan nine of Central Plains have not crossed the Qinling Mountains step, but here people lazy, if you only love to eat so you come here!



Aviation Institute Undergraduate course, Aircraft design

Aircraft manufacturing



Workstation specs: Worker
Honors and awards: Model worker production team
Interests: Five thousand yuan

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