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I've been a chef for a while, and still an engineer & a designer. Exploring various industries allowing room for creativity. Spare time my hobbies & projects and inventing my own ideas keep me busy. Who want to join me? Open to work with projects that are innovative, cutting edge, environmentally sustainable and humanistic and philanthropic. Also building a team of great talented engineers to do great things. All of my models are for you to share, use and learn or whatever purposes / commercial*, however, do share with your team / social networks and you do not need to give me credit. My mind will crank out more ideas and designs, infinitely. The more hard work you put in, the more flexible and more talented and skillful you will be. You're more than welcome to take my models and render them. Give them your best shots. I like for people to learn, share and not keep their talents hidden but for the world to recognize, together we can make better things for the generations ahead. Turn all ideas, engineering, and take from concept to reality. *contact me I speak 5 major and universal languages, chances I may understand you.


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


B.S in Industrial Technology, Engineering & Technology - Production & Manufacturing



Workstation specs: Black Pen, Sketching Paper, Wacom Tablet, Itouch (music). The minimalist to render conceptual ideas & brainstorming.
Honors and awards: superficial compliments
Interests: innovative design, concepts, future. and perhap collaborating a project with someone; who share same passion in creating luxury or an iconic products. Who's with me?

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