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I started working with cad about 12 years ago for game modding purposes, after not being active in that field for a long time, i want to pick it up again, this time with more powerful software,and the hardware to match, 3DSMAX instead of zmodeller wich i used before, and before i got to Zmodeler i had to struggle with nfs car cad (it was as amateurish as it was primitive) but it kept me of the streets (generally for a very long time ;), one of the goals i sett for myself is to reconstruct the formal WTC (twin towers) i allready nodiced that it is somewhat hard to get bleuprints of the entire complex i.e all buildings, foundations, dimensions and mapping textures, aside from that i also want to get back into car editing, but i think for now i got to focus myself on is getting to know the software first ;)


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