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jack gill


im currently a student living in Essex. i have had the joy of having multiple work experiences and have undergone many different engineering lectures, talks and presentations. but my whole life isnt just engineering. ive thought about joining the armed forces or becoming a musician, as they hahve akways fell into my hobbies. i enjoy discovering new things and technologies and i admire how much we expanding in terms of medicine, technology and science and i hope to one day be a part of it. im a very sociable person and hav a lot of common interests with people and i like to go out. i feel i am a confident person and can get on with most people. i listen to alot of music and i often play online games on my computer.


work experience

Votec Ltd. 2D CAD - electrical circuits February 2014 - February 2014

i was given the task of creating the 2D CAD drawings for electrical circuits within a plant.

Ford Motors Special studies - cost estimator July 2014 - August 2014

i working with a specialist team and supervisor creating BOMs (bill of materials) for several different cars. this involved taeking apaprt engines and analysing them closing. also i used a variety of software like CAPE and GRIMM.


i am currently seeking a job or an apprenticeship. i would prefer these to be engineering. also i wouldnt mind having some more work experience. if there are any offers for any of these please email me. it will be much appreciated.



The Billericay 6th Form level 3 BTEC engineering 2013 - 2015

this has involved working with CNC machines and their "languages", operation sheets and plan. BOMs (bill of materials), manufacturing components and planning and leading a project. i also did several math based assingments looking at forces, presures, sin and cos graphs and patterns and analysing data. in my science area i looked at electrical circuits, principles, components and how to wokr different things out. i have also looked at many different types of materials and their properties. i have a wide knowledge of health and saftey regulations as i covered them at the start of the course.

The Billericay 6th Form A level - Product Design 2013 - 2015

i have looked at many different design processes, manufacturing processes, printing process and material gathering processes. i have been able to closely analyse different products and highlight differences between them, how and why they were made, different manufacturing ways and i have also recreated a product based from my research. i have also lead my own research in designing a product of my own, in which i picked a cooling computer case, which i had to research, design and create myself.



Workstation specs:
Honors and awards: OCR IT writing award Level 2 PE training award (i have all of my GCSE certificates)
Interests: I play the guitar a lot of the time. i have a 7 string black ibanzed RGX series. i also play alot of computer games.

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