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Jason Sapp

"One of the greatest pains to human nature is the pain of a new idea." Walter Bagehot


As a child, I always had an immense interest in Drag Racing due to my dad bringing me to a lot of the local Drag Strips (Great Lakes Dragaway, US 30, US 41, IRP, RT. 66, etc.) ever since I could practically walk on my own efficiently. I remember being able to sit for 12+ hours as a 4-5 year old and just never getting bored, tired is a different story. :) My love for Drag Racing will be impossible to stop, until my dieing day. One regret I have and no one knows is I wish I learned how to play the Piano and became classically trained. I'm not talking about how a lot of artists throw "Classically Trained" around, but the real deal. Something about the Piano and it's ability to translate emotion astounds me to this day. The Violin is another great example. Like a lot of pissed off kids in their teenage youth, I also wish I picked up the Guitar and learned how to play that instrument. That's another regret when it comes to the musical side of me. 1st grade through high school, I was always bored and felt unchallenged, so I never did that well when it came to grades, plus I was a nut case that would not tolerate shit even at that young of age. :) I picked up a skateboard when I graduated grammar school basically and continued to do that until 94 on a daily basis, 1991-1993 was 12+ hour days minimum. I do it on rare occasions now, but the passion is still there to ride the streets, but my body is shot. :) I graduated college with Honors with an Applied Science degree (Physics class was my favorite) and did some work as an Auto Technician, but I came to the personal realization that my passion was strictly in old cars and racing. The newer technology I absolutely love in an engineering standpoint, but I only like to work on my own stuff, and I favor old school without a doubt. I want to keep the passion there and not get burnt out working on other peoples cars, so I got out of the industry in a career standpoint. I currently own a 1973 Plymouth Cuda and hope to do some pretty big things with it once I get out of debt. That will be a never ending project, especially once I can get a garage of my own. I had the privilege to work on a few race teams and surrounded myself with talented people and picked up on things over time. Through that experience, I became interested in building cars from the ground up. My goal is to eventually have my own machine shop and do all my engine/chassis work on my own. Sorta be a 1 man team and go out and kick some ass, even if I run slower... :) I'm a pretty laid back person that's open minded. If you have a question, feel free to ask away...


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


Wilbur Wright College (Humboldt Park Vocational Education Center) Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) 2014 -



Workstation specs: Haas Mini Mill, Haas SL 10 Lathe, FaroArm, etc...
Honors and awards:
Interests: Automotive, Aviation, Racing (all forms), Fabrication, Marine, Motorcycles, Cosmology...

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