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I have been in love with machinery since I was a kid. I started building custom bicycles which led to motorcycles and cars as I grew up. I still own the '65 Lotus Elan I bought at the age of 17 and the '54 WILLYS M38-A1 Hot Rod Jeep I've had since the 70's. My wife and I love the outdoors and camping. Music has been a particular passion of mine. After moving to Texas I got a Saturday afternoon slot on a Houston Radio station. Joe’s Roadhouse aired for 13 years at KPFT in Houston. Early on A listener called one day and said “man you ought to call yourself Smokin’ Joe cause you play the hottest music on the radio” hence the name. For the last seven years at KPFT we put on monthly live broadcasts with two bands doing full sets out of a Houston club. These shows were masterfully recorded by Frank Cupal of F&S Productions. Over the years Frank and I have amassed an archive of bands from this broadcast series. Recorded live onstage in front of an audience these shows represent the musicians at their absolute best. Some shows are the result of putting certain players together to achieve something special, in some cases magic. A child of the 60’s born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I grew up on radio which was always on at home. With my little red Japanese transistor radio at my side I heard Rock and Roll, Soul, R&B, Country and Jazz, I laughed at some funny tunes all on one AM station. My formative years were spent at Rock concerts at the many venues in the area. I would hitch rides to see the local bands such as Santana, Cold Blood, Sly and the Family Stone, Quicksilver Messenger Service and the like. When FM came into play my musical tastes were expanded even more with the great KSAN out of San Francisco. They featured a Live from the Record Plant series which aired acts like Nils Lofgrin, UFO, Fleetwood Mac with Bob Welsh and many other bands who were recorded when they came to town to play Winterland. Radio shows like these and the King Biscuit Flower Hour gave me the bug for Live Broadcasts. I did internet radio for a couple of years afterwards. Nowadys it's mostly my wife, vehicles and work. I feel very fortunate to do work I love and to be paid very well for it.


work experience

Bredero Shaw Designer

I got started in Drafting and Design as an Engineering Tech in the S.F. Bay Area in the late 70's. The engineering group needed a device for edge trimming conductive polymer heaters. It became part of my job to make up a drawing for the base which led to my teaching myself drafting. This was on the days of the board. I ran a Drafting Design Department for a while with three Draftspersons. Later the group split and I became the sole Designer/Draftsman. I started CAD with AutoCad's earliest public release on a 20 mhz Compaq. We've come a long ways since then. After moving to Texas in the mid 90's I went to work at Johnson Space Center setting up the equipment for a carbon fiber space craft component fabrication department. i worked mainly on the aeroshell components for the X-38 re-entry vehicle. The equipment included a 5 axis CNC with two 5' x 10' tables and a Lieca LTD500 3D laser scanner. I used these for making patterns to lay up tooling and parts. In the clean room we had a laser projector and robotic cutter for the carbon fiber cloth lay-ups. Later working for a drive systems company I learned Autodesk Inventor. I took a class in Solidworks in between jobs to broaden my horizons. I am now working with Inventor primarily.



Hard Knocks Masters, Life 1953 -

Self taught at virtualy everything I do. I never was good in school (barely made it out of high school) but my natural curiosity, mechanical aptitude and skills have allowed me to learn what I need to know.



Workstation specs: Dell Precision M6600 Laptop
Honors and awards: My Daughters!
Interests: Music, Racing, Cars, Motorcycles, Camping, Skiing and much more.

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