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My father and grandfather both own/owned machine shops and I grew up around CNC machining for aerospace, military, and medical industries. As a junior in ME at Purdue I have the engineering education coupled with mechanical aptitude and creativity to design things that are user friendly, efficient to manufacture, and when required, beautiful. Thanks for taking a look at some of my work!


work experience

Lake County Tool Works North, Inc. Machine Operator May 2009 - August 2015

Working for this small family owned company has given me an advantage over many students by giving me insight not only into precision CNC machining of metals and plastics for aerospace and military applications, but also into business practices.

BRP Marine Propulsion Systems Manufacturing Engineering Intern January 2015 - August 2015

8 month professional internship where I designed fixtures for assembly gate control of critical assemblies, reverse engineered tooling, aided in test equipment validation and troubleshooting, completed studies to improve AGV effectiveness, and created detailed stress and force tests to aid the design team in their efforts to continually improve Evinrude outboard motors during the release of the new G2 motor lineup.

Proto Labs R&D Engineering Intern May 2016 - August 2016

During my time at Proto Labs I saw a different level of CNC automation. Some companies use robots, Proto Labs uses software. I conducted testing on HAAS machining centers to improve their accuracy and surface finishes at high feeds and speeds and supported software developers as they tried to completely automate toolpath generation. I also helped support 5-axis machining development and helped re-design die-cast tooling.



Purdue University BS Mechanical Engineering 2013 - 2017



Workstation specs: Asus ROG G46VW, 500GB SSD, External Graphics, dual monitor
Honors and awards: MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions Engineering Scholarship
Interests: Hunting, fishing, trapping, basketball, football, tinkering, fixing cars

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