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John is the Managing Director and technical specialist at Design & Motion, consulting with businesses to help them with R & D, design processes, product feasibility and evaluation services. He serves as a technical journalist for CAD/CAM/CAE software analyses, specializing in core integration and FEA. John is a USAF veteran of Desert Storm, and holds numerous certifications in airframe and composite fabrication and design, as well as Autodesk and NSPS skill certifications. When not working (which is rare) he enjoys his family, studying mechanical engineering and computational mechanics, and practicing his Japanese language skills. Once in awhile, John will sneak out to his machine shop and get his CNC mill / lathe warmed up (until someone finds out he's not really working).


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.





Workstation specs: Dell Precision Laptop, M6400, T9550 2.66Ghz dual core, 64 bit OS, NVidia GPU, 4GB ram.
Honors and awards: USAF Airframe Specialist Honor Graduate
Interests: Japanese Language and Cuture Robotics Material science Mechanical Engineering

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