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John Fields


Check back later for some more details about this engineer. Not all engineers are word masters!


work experience

Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


PWA Machinist Apprenticeship Class C Connecticut Journeyman's papers, machinist 1977 - 1980

I dropped out of college when my father passed and never finished. I managed a hardware store and ended up running machines at P&W. several foreman recommended I go into the apprenticeship and it started my change from history and liberal arts to my current job.

MXCC Associate, General Studies 1980 - 1982

I received 30 credits for the apprenticeship. so I used those and other credits and took all the math courses

CCSU Bachelor, Industrial Technology 1983 - 1990

I started on a bachelor's (for the 2nd time) after I got my associates. I had stopped going when the company sent me back full time to finish off. quite possibly the best job ever, 40 years old, I was a second shift shop foreman with a lot of union activity, and they sent me back full time for a semester (I was close) and mailed my pay home. they paid for our books, rented an apartment to study so we could get away from home. best job I ever had

CCSU Master of Science of Management, Industrial Technology 1991 - 1996

I had a manager tell me that I didn't have enough education for my job (manufacturing engineer and nc programmer). after I mouthed off to him (it was one of many conflicts with him), I took it as a management hint. the course of study only reinforced my evaluation of the manager as non compos mentis. but I also think it helped insulate me during all the downsizing. I don't have any respect for the company's absolute qualification of a degree for a manufacturing engineering job it seems to have protected me.



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