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Hello profile viewers, My name is John and I'm a junior electrical engineer student attending Umass Lowell. I've tutored MatLab programming for 3 years while attending community college after my first introduction class to MatLab which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was a student who struggled in high school with C's and D's in all my classes besides the technology based ones. When I got to college I put aside all the distractions that limited me which helped me succeed as a early engineer. however, the opportunity to teach was the real eye opener on how the teaching process was done and figuring out what the teacher was trying to teach, and how they relay it. Which in return made me very good at learning, and teaching something I just learned, thus enforcing the topic again. I taught myself C++, python, Arduino, java, html/css, R, Advance MatLab, processing, SQL database. Funny story, in 6th grade I remember me and my friend setting up a world of Warcraft private servers which required setting up a virtual LAN with logmein Hamachi in its early days, and using a scraper a genius developer created you were able to scrape the maps and the entire WOW database. After a couple hours of playing around in the database I found out how the ID's and the Stats could be changed and look different, you could also add new items into the database and spawn them in game to a NPC that had linked database IDs to make that all work. We had a ton of fun beating bosses with custom gear and playing with all our friends free! Fast forward a couple years later when I learned python I was able to make a python program that generated all the SQL code needed to add any custom items to the server automatically. Lots of fun with programming. Oh and the only Arduino Shield I haven't used is the GSM shield because I'm a bit cheap and I work at RadioShack (yes we still exist.)


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