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JONATHAN SHERIDAN MA (IND DES) MPHIL developing digital controls for 3D CAD models, lets you, or the end user detail colour, shape, style and function. Jonathan Sheridan is the owner and designer at Electronic DNA Ltd, and has over twenty years of industrial, product and engineering design experience. Specialising in geometry automation, aesthetics and ergonomics. Investigating surface decoration for lighting shades and tactile experience centred design. The belief that ‘Good design’ comes from a thorough exploration of the production envelope is the driving philosophy behind many of the designs. CONTROLLING PARAMETERS OF DESIGN & PRODUCTION Sheridan is an industrial designer who works with specialist enigeers to develop products that marry function and form with production. "State-of-the-art technology can provide you with valuable iterations form the overall solutions envelope. Enabling a product to develop design DNA throughout every stage and level of a business". Based around you - your design agenda and your production criteria, interactive models can change the way you develop a products topology, function and form. The manipulation of this 'Electronic-DNA', can lead to novel designs and help influence user, research or designer-led Art for commercial design.


work experience

Electronic DNA Owner Designer May 2007 - May 2016

Typically, projects range from private industrial design to where fine art meets state of the art production. Currently working with Mistral Models on automotive, aero and hydro-dynamic projects, using both simple and complex 5 axis milling machines. Aero projects coming up for SeaWing this year - New Client for 2016 : Origin Furniture UK). Refining products form and function, coordinated with image, branding and presentation.



Southampton MPhil, Aesthetics 2010 - 2014

Work Flow for Aesthetics in Complex Design Systems. (Ships and multi Object Architecture)



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