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I am a Seasoned Designer/ Engineering Tech with Cad Manager Experience on several projects both large and small out of state and local. The design teams I was associated with I became responsible for a wide range of duties pertaining to all aspects of the design process as stated below. Self -Motivation / High Work Ethic / Persuasion / Attention to Detail / Strong Engineering Support Problem Solving / Deadline Orientation / In-Depth Technical Knowledge / Quick Thinking Complementary Experience – Comfortable at both designing behind the desk and working effectively in the field, spanning the gap between computer design and real world construction application. Expert in all aspects of design, from bid development to as-building design drawings. Known for taking specific design issues from both inside and outside project scopes, fixing problems and improving processes. Communicates and wins cooperation at all levels; effectively mediated between project team groups. Handpicked to handle difficult assignment because of the ability to communicate with engineers, and averted several millions in rebuild costs. 8 years successful vendor management experience, working on-site directly with construction contractors for projects up to $250M.Experience leading up to 8 designers. Mentored 12 team members to top performance. Bottom Line Contribution – Extremely short learning curve, and can get up to speed and be productive within 1 week. Creatively solved problems that mitigated millions of dollars in downtime in one instance and brought another $300M project to completion in another. Additionally, discovered design flaw, saving up to $350K. Re-engineered processes, resulting in a 20%+ increase in efficiency and saving 20% in construction time. Productivity & Quality – Unique characteristic of being highly productive while still being a perfectionist. Have worked up to 500+ hours of overtime in 1 year. Named Lead Designer on more than one project ,I have completed 170+ isometrics on time and under budget. Also part of team earning the company a $20M completion bonus. Designed efficient Lighting Layouts and Duct Bank and Cable Tray to be 18% more efficient and 20% cheaper to build. Also suggested changes to 3D software, increasing turnaround time by 15%. Optimized design of under-capitalized facilities and equipment, resulting in an increase in production and capacity by 50%. I have gained experience in an array of design areas and disciplines along the way. I have solid experience in Electrical and Mechanical Design as well as Architecture also Sheet Metal Design and the Creation of Documents both from Existing Designs to New Designs Core Skills: Strong autonomy  Analyzes situations rapidly  Able to communicate technical information to non-technical people  Exceptional team player  Precise and logical thinker  Remains calm under pressure and creates order out of chaos  Resourceful problem solver  Open to diverse ideas in design  Quickly fits into a variety of corporate cultures. Competencies/Training: Auto-cad (through version 2010)  Micro-station (through version XM)  Plant4D Navisworks  Solid-works 2000 to present  OSHA Safety training (20 hr)  Solid-works User Group Member Former Instructor and Certified Auto-cad Operator  Former Forklift Operator  Former Union Line Supervisor  Former Press Operator  Former and Current Drafting Instructor • Work independently within established guidelines. • Organize effective procedures of records management activities. • Provide effective assistance in the management of a complex records management program. • Prepare a variety of records, reports and forms. • Handle the storage and retrieval of information in an accurate, consistent and thorough Manner. • Plan and complete projects under general supervision. • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the Performance of duties and to work as a team. • Direct support staff in the maintenance of records and forms. • Communicate effectively in oral and written format. • Exercise tact and diplomacy, using excellent interpersonal skills. • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the Performance of duties As a Cad Manager Some of my responsibility was to oversee the records and forms management Program for the Engineering Division and maintains the records management system for the Purpose of developing new or improving existing methods of handling, protecting and maintaining Engineering records and drawings. To preform oversight, development and maintenance of a records Management program for the Engineering Division. My years of technical emphasis on electronic and web-based document control and publishing in Support of engineering functions combined with design background as suited me well in my 11 plus years in the Computer Aided Drafting and Design Engineering Fields. Developed documents for digital file management, including web publication of Bidding documents and internal distribution via DMS, and hard-copy file management, Including handling of security-sensitive bidding documents and management of hard-copy Archives store on and off site. Updated Engineering Design and Services Department’s ISO procedures to incorporate new Procedures for document management. EDUCATION AND DESIGNED BASED EXPERIENCE : 11 + years’ experience drafting mechanical, electrical, structural and/or civil engineering drawings. Experience in drafting for industrial projects I have the ability to travel throughout the US and Canada. Some international travel is OK also if required. I am experienced working with engineers, other designers and drafters as part of a design team .Drafting and CAD design for industrial, manufacturing, and utilities projects; in particular, petrochemical, chemical process, pulp & paper, and power generation. Develop engineering documents working with engineers, designers and other drafters. Field work including mechanical system as-built, rebuilds, retrofits, and construction technical support. Field support including on-site design, technical support and construction management. Provide training and mentoring of junior level designers. I have a Associates Degree from Vatterott Tech College in Kansas City Missouri my degree is in 3D Design and Engineering (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) and took Manual Drafting in High School. Since 1999 I have worked as a Cad Drafter, Engineering Tech. Mid-Level to Senior to Lead Designer, manager and project lead I have done work in the following areas Lighting Design Electrical Design Mechanical Design Fire Alarm Layout and Panel Design and Sprinkler Layout Fire Plum Drawings Chemical Suppression System Design MEP Design Weldment and Structural and Automotive Manufacturing and Design Fields I have experience as a detailed minded Cad Manager I can customize and setup Lisp Routine and CMU file systems and make dynamic blocks as needed for the job at hand and as required in the job scope. I can setup and install create user interfaces for programs such as but not limited to Solidworks Auto-CAD Micro Station Inventor Building Systems Navis Works Plant 4D Smart Plant Automated Access Control Wire Diagrams Bus Duct Cable Tray Manhole Layouts Residential and Commercial Design Architectural Design and Floor plan Layouts Tenant Finish Layouts and upgrades Access Floor Design and layout Riser Diagrams I have worked mainly on the Industrial Power Generation Side using programs such as Auto-CAD, Micro station, Solid works, Inventor, Arch Desktop, Rivit, Viz, 3D studio Max Auto-CAD Electrical, Visual Lighting Design and other Programs I am comfortable in many different Roles and Jobs I consider myself Educated Detailed and use my skill set in an effected calculated process to get the task done in Effective manner. I am confortable in both a team and solo environment I can work alone when needed or alongside a team of other dedicated professionals to get the Job done as required in a timely manner. I take Pride in my willingness to learn and expand my knowledge within my profession I take ownership of what I do and strive to excel and grow both as a person and Dedicated Design Professional. I’m your dependable, problem-solving “go-to” guy in every design situation.


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Electrical Design Manufacturing



Bachelor Electrical Design



Workstation specs: HP Laptop Dell Work Station Dual Monitors Dual graphics Cards
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