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Krista Wohlfeil


I'm a mechanical designer at a small but prolific engineering company in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I'm on the ASME comittee for PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy) and have been part of several projects to have SAT systems qualified for work by the USCG. My main body of work also includes pressure vessel design, metal fabrication, and some bio tech. In my free time I've used Solidworks for furniture design and sculpture projects. My background includes old school drafting, car mechanic/body work, knife making, formal art training to include sculpture, set design, costume design, and lampworking (small glass work done with a torch, also called "warm glass"), and stained glass window design. I'm a drawing geek. I love old school drafting and much of my work has included bringing old designs in blueprint into the modern age of 3D modeling. My own work tends toward the German School of "dimension the snot out of everything" so that little is left to chance. The Italians and French tend to produce beautiful, vauge pieces. American drawings vary but are, for the most part, practical. I believe in the addage of "form follows function" and that usability is as important as functionality. Much of my work tends toward the organic in look and feel, relying on nature for inspiration.


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