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Larry D O'Cull


Priio develops products from basic concept to anywhere along the ideation process using software development, mechanical and electrical engineering and industrial design (often electronic devices with interactive intelligence). We stress human factors engineering because product function should be obvious to the user as well as pleasing in design. To that end we focus on the research, creation and implementation of technologies for a variety of applications. We respond quickly and effectively to the dynamics of the marketplace, and past solutions include medical devices, laboratory instrumentation, consumer products and appliances, industrial controls, test equipment, automotive electronics, food processing equipment, industrial telemetry and asset-tracking devices.


work experience

Priio is comprised of a diverse and talented group of individuals. Our development efforts focus on the creation and implementation of technologies that can fit a variety of applications. Our resources and expertise enable us to respond quickly and effectively to the dynamics of the marketplace and provide a wide range of solutions to a multitude of industries. Our expertise and IP libraries include: - Open and closed loop control solutions for; power, temperature, and motion - Audio and Video processing, encoding, multiplexing, capture, conversion - Signal acquisition, conversion, filtering and processing - Graphical support for VGA, LCD, TFT, OLED and VFD displays - Keyboard, mouse, touch-screen, bar-code, and magnetic media interfaces - Serial protocols like; PS/2, I2C, SPI, Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB and CAN - FAT file systems for SD/MMC, compact flash, and others - Bootstrap loaders for; PIC®, AVR® and ARM® - RF protocols including; BlueTooth®, Zigbee®, GSM/GPRS, proprietary and others - Real time operating systems such as; PR_RTX, uCOS, FreeRTS, Linux, and proprietary



BSET Purdue University, IEEE, IDSA



Workstation specs: MAC running MacOS, Linux and Win7 using VMware
Honors and awards:

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