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Hi there, Welcome to my profile Grabcader. I Hope you find something usefull on my page for your 3D library needs. So, my name is Catalin, i'm a romanian designer from the city Arad, and all my work you find here is driven by passion and a lot of energy! Hope you like what you find in my little library :) Have a great day and keep on modeling :) Catalin


work experience

University Aurel Vlaicu from Arad Teaching assistant October 2012 -

So, welcome to my experience field! I Catalin, i'm a teaching assitant at the Faculty of Design Arad of University Aurel Vlaicu. In the last 4 years my field of teaching is product design, history of design and also 2D software and 3D software.



Faculty of Arts and Design Timisoara PHD, Design 2007 - 2015

My education i started 60 km from my home town in Timisoara. Timisoara is one of the main university city's from Romania. In 2007 I started studied Product Design till 2010 when I obtained my bacheler degree with the project < Hobby Instruments kit > . From 2010 to 2012, i've got also a master degree in product design with the project < Car design for disability people > . And further more, from 2012 to 2015, finaly! i finished school after 20 years of learning! Thank God! :)) I crowned my education in design with a PHD in Concept automotive designs. So, theres my education!



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Interests: Modeling, design projects, design jobs, learning new things, knowing new people.

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