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Leigh French


I work in the Technical department for a manufacturing company related to the motor industry, i have worked for the company for 14 yrs mainly as a member of the production staff and a team leader, i moved into Technical because of my interest in CAD. I use Solid edge on a daily basis but am mainly teaching myself as i go, so appreciate any of the tutorials that are posted. Taking up learning Blender in my own time, having just built myself a pc as my old one couldn't cope with the demands placed on it attempting to model and render.


work experience

Technical Support January 2011 -



The engineer has yet to share the college or university graduation details.


Workstation specs: Intel i5 Haswell 4370K 3.3 overclocked to 4.4 Asus Z87-K motherboard 16gb RAM NIvidia GTX760 4Gb with additional built in cooling for increased overclocking 256Gb SSD 2Tb Hdd 1050w Power supply NZXT fan controller + 6 case fans Zalman Z11 plus case Running windows 10
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