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I am currently working at Arizona State University Managing the SEMTE Student Machine Shop for the Fulton Schools of Engineering. I also instruct MAE 214 Computer-Aided Engineering I, using SolidWorks. Prior to ASU I worked as a Model Maker for almost 25 years, worked for SOM in Chicago making Architectural madels, Niven Marketing in AZ making POP display prototypes, DCI Marketing in Milwaukee doing POP, then worked for Frog Design and IDEO in CA do ID prototyping as well as 2 more ID houses in AZ that are no longer, Managed Contor Inc. a model making\ protyping company in AZ who's home office was in Mountain View CA. October of 2011 Contour closed in AZ an I went to work for DDi the SolidWorks reseller in AZ for 3 yrs as an Applications Engineer and Instructor, then back prtotpying for IGo inc., Taser and a stint at a custom motorcycle wheel manufacturer in AZ.........then ASU! I have a degree as A Model Maker\Prototyper from a school in Green Bay, have instructed SolidWorks and Surfcam at the CC's here in Phoenix as well as doing prototyping for Paul Yaffe a custom motocycle builder in Phoenix, check out the Copper Chopper Centennial Motorcycle on the web. Also freelance in many of the industries list above as well as contract machining.


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Only secret projects and no shared work info at the moment.


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