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Added a new screen shot

These 4 pics show the right side and left side of a 1952 FL Harley Davidson.
2 of the pics are real pics from Harley Davidson archives and the other 2 are of my drawing of a 1952 FL.


  • Terry Stonehocker
    Terry Stonehocker over 4 years ago

    Hi Adam, I can't figure out what is going on. I use firefox as my browser and I can't view the larger image of the screen shots it comes up with a white bare when I click on the screen shot.
    This is on mine or on anyone else. So I went to explore to see if it maybe was firefox and on explore I still can't view any screen shot and on explore I can't leave a comment.

    I don't know what is up

  • Renato Lunardini Júnior
    Renato Lunardini Júnior almost 3 years ago

    muito bom!parabéns!

  • Terry Stonehocker
    Terry Stonehocker almost 3 years ago

    Thanks Renato

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