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3D Printable Model Car with movable doors, hoods, wheel and sterring wheel

///UPDATE V1: Fixed gear stuck in car body issue. Please download Guangnan_Wei Car Exploded Fix V1.stl for printing.///

This is a car model that I designed.

Features movable doors, hoods, wheels, and the steering wheel is connected to the front wheels.

The file is error free and I have 4 units already printed.


  • Reza Allahyari
    Reza Allahyari over 1 year ago

    Congratulations :)

  • e.g.oussama
    e.g.oussama over 1 year ago

    Very good design,
    I am Oussama young Tunisian and electromechanical engineer, I have a problem finding the right design of a two person kayak tour, it is very necessary to achieve my workshop for molding fiberglass, I have no money at the moment to open a grabcad challenge, but a good organization will help me to open the workshop with a bank loan, for that here I am talking to you my friend to import me a good innovative idea.
    If you are interested do not hesitate not to ask for more information at the technical parameters of the project, if I will be lucky and I open my workshop I will send you back a nice gift you have my word for that…..
    I would be very grateful for your collaborations
    two person kayak

  • steve bandon
    steve bandon about 1 month ago

    Any way all the files can be split into their own? Currently it has it printing the exploded view with tons of space in between\

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