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60's Retro Button Tufted Chair

Originally modelled the button tufted section to see if it could done using nurbs surfacing and the tools available in MoI. It's easily repeatable to make it what ever size you like.
I eventually used the surface to model this 60's retro style chair.
The model is for visuals only.


  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark almost 4 years ago

    The step file has lots of holes in the cushion of the chair...?

  • Danny Tasmakis
    Danny Tasmakis almost 4 years ago

    Yeah it could well be Jon, as mentioned it was only done for visuals not an actual working model, so if you want to produce it, it might collapse if you try and sit on it ;)

  • Nebule
    Nebule about 3 years ago

    it’s a very professional job

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