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This it's a replica of a Benelli Vinci Rifle.
All components were made in ZW3D CAD / CAM software.
Took me about 3 weeks to complete it.
Soon I'll try to upload the STEP version of the shotgun for those who don't have ZW3D.
Of course,you can download a free trial of this software from this link:


  • e85d5ce0
    e85d5ce0 over 3 years ago

    If you want the *.IGS files for the G Code,I can upload them for you.

  • Paul M Smith
    Paul M Smith about 3 years ago

    HI Alex, one of the most thorough modellings I have seen. A job well done. I did not find the assy in the download.
    Is it a series of sub assemblies or one large fully functional assembly?
    If it is fully functional the next challenge is a working animation of the fire and reload cycle!!!
    Sure makes you appreciate the manufacturers skill. He has to make all those parts.
    All the best.

  • kagayaki
    kagayaki almost 2 years ago

    Please if you could, Could this be converted to igs, or dxf?

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