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Bottle Light LED Enclosure and Solar Case

STL Rendering By Trais McAllister on September 13, 2012 10:22 in Household Miscellaneous

I've uploaded a full pallet with all of the parts assembled (without LED's, Screws, Nuts, Batteries, and Panel). The remaining files are meant for easy printing/modification.
The design focuses on ease-of-access. The two LED enclosures are separated for easy assembly of the LED's through the lead holes and can be fitted together to form a water tight seal once placed in the screw cap. The screw cap will fit on a 2-Liter bottle and locates fastening by an M4 bolt which feeds throught the two LED enclosures. There is an arm that snaps on top of the screw cap and may also rotate to position the attatched solar panel. The solar panel bolts onto the arm at a somewhat fixed position and has a battery enclosure on the back with a clipping back plate.


  • JF Brandon
    JF Brandon almost 3 years ago

    Interesting armature system.....I wonder if it has the strength to hold the panel and the battery....

  • Trais McAllister
    Trais McAllister almost 3 years ago

    The idea was to simply adjust down to seat the end on the roof. For strength i could probably just add a stand that would fall out from the bottom of the enclosure to provide support for both the arm and solar panel enclosure.

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