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Bumble CE (City ECO)

Is it realy a electric city car?

Yes it is...or at least it can be. Is a little ugly but even so i like it. And since i work in the electric motors industry i might consider making an electric motors for it...inprove the design...put chassis and even make a complet car not just for show.

Hope you all like it...

Best regards

eng. Ghioca Claudiu Catalin


  • CCG
    CCG over 3 years ago

    well if we look at existing cars like for example Ford K these cars in the contest are actualy pretty

  • Branko Stokuca
    Branko Stokuca over 3 years ago

    Well, I believe that both our cars are prettier than Ford K. Ford K deserves the most ugly car award :)

  • CCG
    CCG over 3 years ago

    and we have a winneeeeerrr is Ford k ..... if anyone has a bether ideea of ho should win "THE MOST UGLY CAR" award please post here....:P

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